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Facial Aesthetics

Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

    Skin droop, loosening, excess, and sagging occur on the upper and lower eyelids because of age progression and gravitational effect. In addition to the aesthetic disorder caused by the droopy eyelid, it can cause vision problems in the person.

    With aesthetic eyelid surgery, excess skin is removed and the membrane in front of the herniated adipose tissue is strengthened and excess fat tissue is removed. In this way, both the aesthetic problem and the vision problem are solved for those which disturb the person.

    A scar is left along the lid on the upper eyelid. However, since this trace will be hidden in the fold of the lid, it can only be seen indistinctly when viewed very closely. Since the eyelid is thin skin, the healing after the Upper Eyelid Aesthetic operation occurs very quickly and very well.