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Facial Aesthetics

Neck Lift Surgery

    The purpose of neck lift surgery, which is a surgical procedure in which the entire neck skin and subcutaneous fat and muscle tissues are stretched, including the jowl area under the chin, is to correct sagging and loosening.

    Neck lift surgery can be performed alone or combined with a facelift, blepharoplasty, and fat injection to the face if needed. In this way, more successful results are obtained.

    The young and healthy appearance on the face and neck disappear over time due to factors such as genetic factors, gravity, smoking, losing weight, age, and stress and sagging, loss of elasticity and volume, and wrinkles appearing in the skin and soft tissues. Neck lift surgery helps achieve a younger, tight, and smooth appearance. Even if no other changes are made in the face area, stretching a wrinkled and sagging neck dramatically improves one's appearance.

    After the neck lift surgery, the patient can return to working life in 10 days. The bruises and swellings disappear within 1 week. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially in the first month after surgery. During the first month after the operation, activities should not be done to force the neck