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Breast Aesthetics


    The common complaint of those who apply because of breast enlargement in male individuals; this image is a be ridiculed. cruel jokes among boys, especially during adolescence; ıt creates inadequacy and self-confidence problems in young men. In addition to psychological problems, there can be problems such as pain and sensitivity.

    Gynecomastia is defined as the growth of breast adipose tissue or one of the breast tissue in men. Depending on this, the treatment method to be applied may vary depending on which tissue has more. While liposuction is suitable for men with excess adipose tissue, men with excess breast tissue need to have breast tissue removed by surgical applition.

    Both breast adipose tissue and breast tissues may increase in some cases, in this instance gynecomastia and surgical intervention are applied at the same time.Although rare, sagging may occur in the breast area in men with excessive weight loss. In this case, the saggy skin is removed.

    Gynecomastia surgery takes an average of 2 hours.Usually, 0.5 cm long incision is made in both breasts. At the end of the gynecomastia surgery, the special corset is put on the patient, ıt is used for about 5-6 weeks.