"  Small touches create big miracles.  "
Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Filling Applications

    Fillers that are compatible with the tissue of the person are injected into the skin, under the skin, or on the bone, and the volume loss in the areas is eliminated.

    Especially fillers containing hyaluronic acid, the existing volume of the skin but decreasing over time is given back. This allows the removal of lines and wrinkles on the face and the restructuring of pits.

    Where can fill be applied? Lip, brow ridge, Nasolabial line, cheeks, chin, temple, under-eye, nose.

    The application may take between 15-30 minutes. You can continue your normal life directly after the application. Light bruises, swell, and redness may be formed in the area where the filler is applied. These will completely disappear in a day or two.

    The permanence term is between 9/18 months, depending on the area where the filling is applied, the skin structure of the person, and the contents of the selected filling material.