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Facial Aesthetics

FaceLift aesthetic

    Facial skin sags and wrinkles with the effect of gravity, insomnia, stress, and other factors with age. Various spots and collagen deficiency occur. A decrease in adipose tissue and sagging occur with soft tissue. The rate of new cell change in the skin slows down. The skin becomes abundant, wrinkling and sagging occur by decreasing its elasticity. Especially in areas exposed to sunlight more, these changes are more observed; tired, aged, and sad face appearance occur in the person.

    Another name for facelift surgery is 'rhytidectomy'. The aim of facelift surgery is for the give a young face to a patient. This surgery does not stop aging but provides a long-term rejuvenation in the face image that continues for at least 10/15 years. The surgery that creates the biggest change in the person is facelift surgery. With facelift surgery, sagging and irregularities in the forehead, face and neck skin are removed; Excess fat tissue on the cheek and neck is removed, facial fascia and fat tissues are pulled and fixed in their anatomical places, eyelids are corrected and neck lift is performed when necessary.

    Facelift surgery has some risks, as in all other surgical interventions. These risks are; problems such as infection, bleeding, edema, skin loss. In addition, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped before and after the surgery. In this process, the use of cigarettes and alcohol can prevent the quality of wound healing and cause bad results.

    The duration of facelift surgery takes between 4 and 6 hours on average, depending on the patient's condition. It takes about a month for you to fully notice the result after the surgery. Avoid the sun as much as possible. If sun exposure is necessary, high-impact sunscreens should be used.