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Facial Aesthetics

Eye Bag Surgery

    Eye bags may occur due to insomnia, fatigue, edema and aging. Bags in the eye socket may sag over time.

    There are incision options in two different area for eye bag surgery. One is from the bottom of the lower eyelash and the other is from the lower eyelid. In both of these techniques, there is no visible scar.

    Eye bag surgery takes an average of 2 hours. It can be applied with local anesthesia or general anesthesia, the patient can quickly return to his daily life after the surgery.

    If only the fat bag under the eye is to be removed, surgery can be performed with the incision technique, which is entered through the lower eyelid after the examination by the surgeon. If both the oil bag and the excess skin are to be removed, the technique applied from the bottom of the eyelashes may be more appropriate. Again, in this technique, it is determined by the surgeon's close examination.