"  Small touches create big miracles.  "
Facial Aesthetics

Dimple Aesthetic

    In the dimple aesthetic process, the muscle or fat tissue is intervened by entering from the inner side of the cheek, thus create a dimple. The purpose of dimple aesthetics is to achieve a more attractive smile.

    If you are wondering if you will feel any pain during dimple aesthetics, it is an application that is applied with local anesthesia like bichectomy and can be done easily.

    Before the application, the area to be treated is determined. It is then anesthetized with local anesthesia. With surgical intervention, the laughing muscle is sutured to the oral mucosa, and if necessary, small fat or muscle tissue can be removed from the area where dimples are planned. It is an intervention to the muscles that enable the formation of facial expressions.

    Since Dimple Aesthetics is performed with local anesthesia, the patient is discharged that day. In the first 3 weeks after dimple aesthetics, there is a clear dimple in the dimple area. Again, in the same area, an increase in color can be seen that will last up to a month. These are temporary. At the end of 3 weeks, the dimple that is evident will be lighter. At the end of the 1st month, a natural dimple appearance is achieved.