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Body Aesthetics

Combined Aesthetics

    Combined aesthetics is the procedure in which more than one aesthetic operation is performed at the same time. The most common combined aesthetics are breast aesthetics with the tummy tuck, breast aesthetics with Bbl, liposuction with butt implants, and eyelid aesthetics with facelift. Operations may change depending on the patient's complaint.

    The advantages of combined aesthetics are especially attractive to patients coming from abroad, 90% of the patients come to our country for combined aesthetics. Combined aesthetics primarily come to the rescue of patients who have time problems, and also offer more affordable prices to the patient when compared to operations that are financially alone.

    In combined aesthetics, as it is thought, there is no more pain and pain than a single operation. On the contrary, there are many operations and only one pain is felt, and the recovery process is the same as for patients who have had a single operation.