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Facial Aesthetics

Chin Aesthetic

    Chin aesthetic operation is a surgical procedure performed to shape the chin according to the patient's request and to make it more compatible with the whole face. This procedure is performed to patient who has small jaws by methods such as implant or tissue addition, In patients who have deformity in chin, applications such as displacement, movement or shortening of a part of the jaw are performed. Implants can be placed in patients with small jaws, or tissues such as bone or fat taken from another part of the body can be applied to this area. Shape correction is applied by moving advanced the receding chin ad the rasping process is applied on the long chin.

    The most common procedure for chin aesthetics is chin filling. The chin tip or chin corner can be enlarged with facial fillings. It has an average of 1-2 years permanence. Fat injection can be applied to patients who want more permanence.