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Body Aesthetics

Buttock Prosthesis

    Fat transfer (BBL) is not the only solution to enlarge and lift the small butt. In patients who do not have enough fat in the body, the buttocks are enlarged with the help of silicone butt prosthesis. Buttock prosthesis operation It is the process of placing silicone implants designed according to the butt shape in patients with a flat buttocks between the hip muscle. The size of the buttock that can be made according to the body measurements of the patient before the operation is decided together with the patient. A small incision is made in the coccyx and the prosthesis is placed inside the buttock muscles. After the buttock prosthesis surgery, the patient has an upright and large hip image. Prostheses are placed inside the muscle and cannot be felt when viewed or touched from the outside. Since the incision is in the coccyx, there is no visible scar.

     The procedure is performed under operating room conditions and under general anesthesia. The operation lasts an average of 1.5 hours and then the patient stays in the hospital for 1 night. A special corset is put on the patient immediately after the operation. In order to reduce edema and swelling and to get the best results, the corset should be worn for 4-5 weeks. For a few days after the operation, it may be difficult to move, tingling and pain may be felt. This is normal and can be controlled with pain relievers. After the surgery, a butt pillow is used to prevent direct pressure on the butt while sitting for the first 2 weeks. The patient can continue his daily life within an average of 1 week after the operation, and his work and social life 2 weeks later