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Facial Aesthetics

Brow Lift

    Low eyebrows can be caused by insomnia, fatigue and genetic reasons, tired and sad image affects the person's situation negatively psychologically. With brow lift surgery, it is aimed to get rid of the unhappy appearance of the patient.

    Brow liftsurgery is performed under general anesthesia. Surgical cuts are discarded from the forehead and the hairline or through the scalp. By entering through these incisions, the nerves and tissues holding the eyebrows are pulled upwards. After the eyebrow lift procedure, the skin is corrected by stitching aesthetic stitches.

    The lines and wrinkles around the eyebrows are also opened in proportion to the upward pulling, and a tighter and younger appearance is obtained around the eyebrows. At first, an image may appear confused, over-tense, or too high. This image improves dependent on the healing process of the person and the desired image is obtained.