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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Botox İnjection

    The areas where Botox treatment is made are the upper parts of the face, including the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Its effects begin to seem after an average of 10 days, and its effects begin to decrease after 4-6 months.

    Botox shows its effect by temporarily paralyzing the electrical conduction between the nerves and the muscles or sweat glands that they stimulate by prevents the release of substances that provide conduction in the nerve endings. Botox shows its effect only in the area where it is injected.

    As long as botox is applied regularly prevents new creases from forming on the face and deepening creases. However, when the effect wears off, the face is restored and the wrinkles gradually return to their before treatment state. For this reason, regular botox application is very effective in preventing the formation and deepening of new wrinkles.

    Botox therapy has no known permanent side effects for wrinkles. However, there are side effects that are known to be temporary and are listed below:

    Temporary swelling and bruising may occur. This effect usually disappears within a few hours. Headache may occur in some patients after the botox application. This pain usually goes away within 24 hours and can be treated with pain medicine. Botox side effects are very few and temporary.