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Body Aesthetics

BBL Brazilian Buttock Lift

    BBL Brazilian Buttock Lift operation is one of the most popular aesthetic operations in the world. It is number one among the operations we perform most frequently.

    360-degree360 degree liposuction (abdomen, sides, back, waist) to the buttocks to increase and shape the buttock volume. BBL Brazilian Buttock Lift operation can be performed to all patients over the age of 18 who have sufficient fat in their body and do not have any obstacles for the operation.

    During the operation, more fat is injected than necessary because approximately 40% of the fat injected into the butt melts a few months after the operation. In this way, when the melting is completed, the fat needed by the patient remains in the buttock. BBL Brazilian Buttock Lift operation takes an average of 3 hours and requires to rest in the hospital for one night. After discharge, the patient is able to continue his daily life. After the first control 4-5 days after the operation, the BBL Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics operation process is completed for the patient and the patient can return to the city-country where they live. The special corset worn after the operation should be used for 6 weeks, and the buttocks

    pillow specially produced for buttocks aesthetics should be used for an average of 2 weeks.

    As a result of the Brazilian buttocks aesthetics operation, the problem of self-confidence is also eliminated in patients with a steeper, more attractive eye-filling buttocks .